So, the topic of grace has filled my mind all day. Finding it in the smallest of things like spring flowers pushing up out of the earth. I feel so blessed. HOPE abounds in the light of grace. You really can find it when your eyes are open everywhere you look. Hidden in plain sight. When it eludes me on my darker days I am reminded in something small, like a song on the radio or a memory or my child’s face. I think if we remembered to give one another a little grace more often this world would be a little better. I am reminded of visiting the beach with my family and how the waves wash away the little pictures we draw in the sand. This creates a fresh surface to create anew, the grace of a clean slate. My dear friend just gave me a beautiful shamrock as a symbol of our friendship and to remind me of the HOPE, faith, love and luck we share. I want to share it with you and HOPE it brings you a little grace. IMG_2759