Rest for the weary

Often we get out of town and into nature to rest and revive ourselves. The Oregon coast is a family favorite. The ocean never fails at making me feel small or putting my problems into perspective. The ocean’s size along with the vast expanses of beach and how far you can see out in the distance, not to mention the sheer force of the waves and water really helps me understand how much greater the world is. HOPE plays a huge part in my ant like status. It reminds me of the story of the starfish. The little boy tells the man who inquires as to why he is throwing the starfish back into the ocean at low tide, “each one I throw back in lives”. The man seems surprised that the boy thinks he can make a difference. The boy responds, “I made a difference for that one, and that one, and that one.” as he tosses more starfish into the ocean. This reminds me how we can all have an effect in this world no matter how ant-like we may feel standing in front of the ocean. I am reassured of my insignificance and my significance all at the same time. I HOPE you experience these thoughts in reflection during times of rest.