Dare you to move

Okay, Switchfoot can still sing it. Listened to the song DARE YOU TO MOVE for group last evening at work and was transported back to how powerful and moving that song remains for me. “Maybe redemption has stories to tell, Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell”. Wow, when I think that I have lost my way and I need to come back to reality this song has always provided me a powerful shake and snap out of it effect. I only HOPE that it is as powerful for others, and last night it proved to be. When so many of us want to run from our pain and get so angry when we are faced with hurt and suffering it is hard to see the truth. We quickly forget those obstacles are in our path to make us stronger and lead us to something greater. So honestly put. “welcome to the fallout, welcome to resistance”. As Switchfoot put it, “salvation is here”. Maybe it should be I dare you to be moved. Thank you Switchfoot for continuing to influence more than you know.