Honesty will set you free. The truth that we speak can be hard for others to hear at times. I am struggling with the hurtful things my 10 year old is screaming at me in the heat of anger. I did not realize asking her to complete 20 minutes of reading would start world war 3 but here we are again. I am also trying to keep my calm throughout her tirade as I know she is hormonal and irrational at 10 going on 25. I called my sister for a welcome distraction and some encouragement. Hers are all grown and out of the house now but that validation is just what I needed to hear. I am also saying a little prayer of calm during this writing to get us through tonight. We have a cycle of shout, scream, sorry. I wish we could just bypass the first couple horrible parts and go straight to sorry already. I am trying to remain calm with every love and logic fiber of my being and honesty really seems to be helping me here. I will love my children no matter what they choose to do with their anger and it’s HOPE, honesty and God who will carry us through.

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