I forgot to include three things I was grateful for yesterday but did accidently report the most recent memorable event that had happened within the hour. I am happy to report that my HOPE survived the night. Everyone has calmed down and Lydia has decided she is a little sick and tired. Now she has the flu. If the world war three behavior is going to be a routine thing before fever hits, no thanks. We had a family movie night and took it easy watching a little MIB tonight. I am grateful for getting through last night. I am grateful for the strength to stay calm. I am grateful for forgiveness. I am grateful for a calmer day. I am grateful for the sunshine and all the work we accomplished today. I am grateful for my husbands’ kindness. Today is about praising someone and that someone is my amazing husband. I know I have blogged about him before but he is a special gift, placed in my life that I am unbelievably lucky to have. I probably do not tell him enough or show him enough, just how much he means to me. If I am not giving him grief , which is rarely, I would love for him to know how I appreciate his love and kindness for me more than I could ever express. I love you Michael more every day and I appreciate all you do for me and my neurotic, guilty, depressed, passionate, silly, irrational, HOPE-FILLED and heartfelt self.