Hold On Pain Ends

I am grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice for us. I am grateful for a day off. I am grateful for coffee. I think the most meaningful happening from today so far is my daughter commenting on how quiet it is in the house. Boys are playing outside and she is sick inside. The little times of quiet are so important and needed in our household. I would like to praise my sister Jo for her words of advice, wisdom and encouragement a couple evenings ago when I needed it to get through the 10 year old wrath. Still my sisters strength is a beacon of HOPE in my life and a demonstration of living grace. Thank you Jo! Day 4 on the 30 day happiness challenge calls for 15 minutes of cardio a day. I did that yesterday outside in the yard and intend to do it again today. I also need to get back into my running routine, my legs are hollering at me. Frequently at work we talk about HOPE and the acronym Hold On Pain Ends. This I know to be true in my challenges and especially when I can let go of the hold I have on that pain. So, I will continue to HOPE. This last little picture cracks me up every time I see it. Thank you RunningHumor.com!


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