Say a little prayer

I officially missed yesterday so tonight will be a double feature. I am struggling greatly tonight and need all the prayers possible for Lydia’s anger problems and my sanity. I am grateful for God and him carrying me through this life right now. I am grateful for good friends, sun, forgiveness, being able to ask what am I supposed to be learning from this heart ache? I am grateful for grace and HOPE. I would like to praise God tonight for the feeling of lightness that comes over me when I give my problems to him. I need to do as the zen proverb states “let go or be dragged”. We will weather this it’s just hard to be in the middle of the chaos. Mary, thank you, like my Goliath. He will give me all the strength I need. The dust is still clearing now but I know to say a little prayer and HOPE and wait. The sun will be shining in the morning.  5 minutes of meditation and sleep, here I come. Happiness day 6: sing in the shower (Pharrell) was my choice for yesterday, U2 today, Happiness day 7: perform a random act of kindness, Check!

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