This is my message to you…

I am yearning for tranquility in my life. I would like a holiday from my emotions. I would like to think of them like the waves on the Oregon coast. I want to watch them wash up on the shore and then wash right back out into the roaring surf. I want to be able to pause while I see my emotions wash in and out of me. I want to give them a little attention and then let them go. I am grateful for the many ways I can look at my emotions and thoughts coming and going in my brain. I am grateful for all the people God has placed in my life that help me figure things out. I am grateful that I am driven to work for positive change. I have spoken to my patients at times about a friend of mine named Rachel Corey. She lost her life standing for change. Some may have felt she was foolish for deciding to go to Palestine many years ago to make a stand for peace. I don’t believe she was. Her life and her actions were not in vain. She was one person who made a difference in the lives of so many as an advocate for peace. Her story is now presented as a production all around the world. The impact that we can have in this life is can be magnificent and last forever. We see this in people every day. In the courage to forgive, to protect, to listen, to assist. We are all capable of living our lives with purpose and loving action. I am here to call you to action. I am here with HOPE for my own call to action. I would like to see a world with less fear and violence and more love and kindness. I want to see a world where people are not afraid to go to school, take a trip to another country or to help out a stranger. At church Easter Sunday our pastor talked about living like Easter Sunday-ers in a Good Friday world. Ain’t that the truth. I sang Bob Marley in the shower today. I would like to praise my daughter Lydia for her strength, her heart and her tenacity. She has fight in her little spirit and as much as I can’t stand that at times it will serve her in finding her purpose. I practiced a random act of kindness and meditated for 5 minutes. I gave all of my family a positive praise. Today my challenge is to create something positive, artistically to put in my home as a reminder of happiness.


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