I praised my kids and husband. I am grateful for our dog Max, for family time and the ability to work on and improve my calm and assertive energy. I sand the song Dreams by Brandi Carlile in the shower today. I meditated, did 15 min of cardio and created something. I am working on being more open daily to my emotions and just viewing and accepting them. I would like to HOPE that I have much more control over my emotional responses than in the past. I would like to just take things in and become more balanced by not reacting. I want to say less and listen more. This will be challenging as I am a super chatty person. To think and pause before I ever speak will allow me all the time I need to mull things over introspectively rather than outwardly. I think this will lead me to more calm and assertive energy overall. Today’s happiness challenge is to sing with someone else, in the car should work. I will continue to HOPE for more insight, understanding and balance.