Generosity of spirit

I Hope to live for others before myself and to be humbled to serve and care for the weak, weary and suffering. I want to adopt an understanding that everyone is coming from their very best at any given time. I have praised my loved ones. I would like to reach out to a friend today and praise them with great intention. I sang Grace wins in the shower today. I meditated and created. I am going to a training today and hoping to enjoy all the beautiful weather. I sang in the car, affirmed myself and am in the process of improving myself and my patience. Our puppy has been teaching me some life lessons about patience and calm, assertive behavior. He gets easily obsessively focused on things just like I do. I’m sure this is some shared energy but he is a blue heeler puppy and gets very intense by his breeds nature very easily. We end up having to exercise him multiple times per day just to keep him calm enough to work with him. I think his obsessive focus has encouraged me to do some self reflection on my own ruminative nature. It is difficult to focus on my own self-pity when I am fully engaged in helping others. After all, “A life not lived for others is not a life.” -Mother Teresa