Running my own race

Just watched a Joel Osteen episode with Mary last night and learned about how important it is to run your own race and not get into the habit of comparing ourselves to others. So often we think she’s got a nicer yard, car, haircut, etc… This thinking divides us rather than unites us. It makes it difficult to celebrate the wins of our friends when we are focused on comparing our race to theirs. Let us be happy for them in their race. Let us celebrate with them in their race and celebrate and focus on our own without comparing. He also talked about worry and idolizing our worry to a fault, sometimes without reason as most things we worry about do not ever happen. He spoke about putting God back in the thrown and dethroning our worries. Instead of dwelling in misery and troubles let’s rejoice in him, in gratitude and joy. I am a runner and am currently getting back into my own race physically and emotionally. I am done being part of the worldly rat race and any other negative races that I can’t win or that only make me feel worse about myself. I am in the race of my life and HOPE that I can keep my blinders on and stay focused on running my race and my race alone. I know the heavenly after race reward is waiting for me at the end. My happiness challenge today is to focus on my own race and to be a better cheerleader for everyone else in theirs.