Have you ever walked your dog past a pack of yapping dogs and had your dog stay calm and seemingly unaffected by them? Well, I did that today and I was soo proud of our little healer pup, Max. Thanks again Cesar Millan, what a difference an energy shift can make. I am happiness bound and today’s addition was to spend time outside and appreciate the beauty all around us. We planted our veggies in our raised beds today and the weather has been heavenly. I am trying to imagine that every day of my life I am on mini vacations from time to time walking in meditation or finding peace with God in my heart. Our pastor this morning talked about how this world is not supposed to be comfortable it is supposed to be challenging. I think I forget that often and just want a day off from all the struggles. When I feel this way I tend to dwell in it but when I choose to let it go and let Him handle it I am into the challenge much more quickly and easily. Took my daughter to see Miracles From Heaven recently and really enjoyed it. I HOPE Lydia loved it as much as I did. With all of the struggles lately, we needed that. Life is better when we recognize all the miracles happening around us moment to moment, day to day. There is no lack of them. It does matter if you are looking, that’s the challenge. My mom turned 70 today and I want to praise her for all that she has done for me in my life. She is an amazing lady who deserves the best birthday ever. I love you mom and when I grow up I HOPE to be close to the gracious woman you are. What an inspiration!