Just like a camera what we focus on expands. About a week ago I listened to Joel Osteen talk about worrying so much about the city putting a sign for speed bumps in his lawn, that he planted a tree their instead to try and prevent it. Well, the city ended up putting the sign several houses down from his in a neighbors yard. He was given the gift of having planted his very own worry tree right where he worried the sign was going to be placed. I have to say, I am not free from these same behaviors. I have worried to the point of making myself physically sick. I am a very visual person thought, so I thought hey, that worry tree idea might be a great reminder to cue me to stop worrying. Most often we worry when there is no reason to and instead of worrying about what we have to loose maybe we should start focusing on what we have to gain, unless we are talking about weight. Making things tangible can be a great eye opener for growth. That is why todays happiness challenge is to plant a worry tree, bush, or flower and to use it to remind you of your focus. I HOPE to be focused less on my worry and more on my joy from now on. After all “it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln

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A rolling stone

I was walking around a beautiful garden yesterday on my break from work and began pondering the old saying “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” It was as I looked at moss stones sitting close to each other on the path that I was inspired by this thought. I wondered what this could relate to my life as. Perhaps as a lifelong learner who barely sits still long enough to get stagnant or gather the moss. I think that it can be looked at from many perspectives but two in particular were what I thought about. The above mentioned thought about staying open and rolling with it as to learn new things and not get bogged down in the past or future too much. The other is to understand the rocks that stay still and gather the moss seem perfectly content as some people I know are, remaining who they are where they are at without much need for change. This can also be a good thing as they are possibly able to watch things go by without being so effected. I tend to be more like the first where I embrace and actually look for new ways to do things and or to see things. I believe that the peace can be found in either state if you HOPE to embrace it. Yesterday’s happiness challenge was to bake something to share. Today’s happiness challenge is to stop when you become emotional and count to 10 slowly before responding. It is difficult to understand the projections we place on others and if we are able to see that everyone is coming from a place of feeling like they are correct in their minds, and justified in their behavior, they are doing the best they can. I would like to stop justifying any need to be right and just be. I HOPE to accept others right where they are and learn more from observing rather than speaking.