I am beginning to figure out that communication in all it’s forms is one of the most important things to improve my life. The inside and turning my heart in the right direction is first and second is how I speak or don’t through body language, which is at least 90% of it, along with carefully chosen words. I have started down a more introspective road these days and it was on my vision board to listen more and talk less. Putting the acts into place is hard work but I am starting to see the benefits of holding back. After all, I am a work in progress, thank you all for your patience while I am under construction. When thinking of holding my tongue I am reminded of the African Proverb, “Kindness is a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.” After reading the book about Nelson Mandela I have started to think differently about how in my life I have been good at imprisoning myself. Instead of living behind literal bars I have been limiting myself behind the mental bars I have placed in my mind. I HOPE that in deeper faith and love I will continue to find freedom from myself and expand my life through kindness. Todays happiness challenge is to identify limits you may have placed on your life/self and work to give yourself permission to be free from them. Seek out truth and love in everything you do.