Since reading ( Be the Pack Leader) by Cesar Millan I have really begun to understand the importance of my energy around Max, our blue heeler puppy. Max is super high energy which we try to exert in the morning bike ride and afternoon walks and chuck-it sessions. He is such a sweet and good natured dog but has to get his energy out in order to do well in mellow times with the family. We went for a hike today with one of my best friends Gwen and her dog Shelby. Shelby has a past history of aggressiveness with other dogs but is a real sweetheart. After reading Cesar it is much easier to understand that dogs usually do not develop their negative behaviors from other dogs but from people. We had a great socializing experience today with Shelby where she only became aggressive a couple of times toward Max and otherwise was able to walk on the trails without issues and be in very close proximity to many dogs without any problem. She even lay in the park only about 4 feet from Max relaxing in the shade. The great thing that Cesar discusses about dogs is how much they live in the moment and do not seem to notice anything different about one another but energy. This is why you see giant dogs playing with miniature dogs without recognizing any physical difference. They also are not able to hold a grudge and will approach a dog with a history of aggression they have no idea about. It would be a wonderful world if us humans treated one another with such equality and were able to turn a blind eye to any past discretions. We would be so much kinder to one another and so much more able to move on and enjoy life in each moment for all it had to offer. Today’s happiness challenge is to have a date with a good friend and fill up your bucket. A nice snuggle of your pet also counts as a friend date.

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