In setting myself free and not imprisoning myself by my feelings, thoughts and words I HOPE to be moving in the right direction. This idea may be a hot topic, thanks for the book Gwen. Eckhart Tolle writes in (A new earth; awakening to your life’s purpose), “Of course we have to use words and thoughts. They have their own beauty-but do we need to become imprisoned in them?”. Of course we don’t. This concept is interesting to observe from a parents perspective. I am watching little ego’s develop and trying to understand how to guide children to identify that many of our frustrations come from the illusion of our ego needing to feel right. We live in a world where you grow up learning about right and wrong. My kids believe they are right nearly 100% percent of the time which makes sense since I believe we do come into this world as perfect little beings, formed by God. Quickly it becomes clear that parental ego’s help to shape our children’s ego’s and if given lots of praise and love they begin to believe that they are good little kids. If they are told or made to feel like they are wrong or were a mistake they start to develop a very negative self concept. Either way children’s ego’s become adult ego’s and continue to work to divide us or bring us closer together. If your heart is turned in the right direction and you are living to serve others I believe you begin to recognize that perfection and peace always rest inside of us. We lose sight when our lenses are blurred by ego. Today’s happiness challenge is to try and identify the positive in a past experience that was really negative. Think about this until you have identified more positive than negative potential effects from the event.

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