When I think of the word salvation I am reminded of the song by the Cranberries, my heavenly fate, new chances and the end of a long work week. I have missed the last couple days of blogging because I have been really busy working. I started as supplemental this month and in that I have found salvation. I have been working on taking life a day at time, moment to moment. I realize it is now more often, that it is my ego in charge of becoming upset with the things that bother me. I am working on this every day and just knowing that I live in illusion from my ego is progress, so Eckhart Tolle asserts. I HOPE that I can keep up this momentum of awareness and work on continueing to free myself from negative thoughts. I feel like this blog is about as blah as I feel tonight, I HOPE my body will soon figure out if it is gonna be sick or not already. Tuesday’s happiness challenge was to comfort someone. Wednesday’s happiness challenge was to “treat yourself” with your favorite treat. Today’s happiness challenge is to watch something that makes you laugh. If you are like me after being reminded of that Cranberries tune you will definitely want to hear it, so enjoy! I chose to just leave you with a snippet. The video is kind of creepy so decided if anyone wants to hear the full song and see the video you can do that on your own.