Nothing better than hanging out and catching up with good friends, good food and good fun. Todays happiness challenge is to see the positive things your kids are doing and make an extra effort to recognize and call them to their attention. It is so easy to become bogged down in the frustrations of our children’s behaviors and we forget that the good stuff is just as prevalent if not more if we are looking for it. Why is it that the collective society is much more interested in identifying the wrong rather than what’s right? Do we really need something to complain about, a problem to solve or a wrong to right in order to be? Even the search for inner peace is a mission of sorts to seek a different perspective, possibly thinking the one we have could use some improvement. Maybe that seeking of the lesson to be learned is really the conscious awakening spoken about in the African proverb mentioned in my blog yesterday. I HOPE that is the case and that I can continue to improve myself for me and for those that I love.