Under Construction

We are officially a few days away from painting our bedroom. We have been sanding and re-mudding the last couple days. We are HOPING to finish the floors this upcoming weekend so that we can finally move into our new bedroom next week. Wow, with little time to spare. My in-laws are coming in a couple weeks so we might be in right before they arrive. It will be nice to be done with this room. It has been a work in progress for a very long time and we have had a couple basement rooms full of storage while under construction. I feel like we are always under construction in our lives, in our homes, our jobs or any roles we play. The idea that we are all a work in progress helps me to appreciate all the hard work we are putting into the basement room. It also helps me to appreciate how far I have progressed in my own life while being constructed. I think we will appreciate our new room that much more because of how hard we are working on it. I am exhausted and excited for picking a paint color. I will continue to live this amazing life under construction as a marvelous messy work in progress.


“It’s not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.”- Mother Teresa. What a sweet sentiment. I HOPE that my children can come to understand this concept in their lives. My husband and I serve adolescents, him as a teacher and me as a counselor. I also have the wonderful priviledge of working with adults and little kids from 5-12 years. We love what we do although it is not always easy and often is very challenging. I’ve learned in my nearly 15 years of service that sometimes just an active listening ear is all that people need to feel heard and comforted. Sometimes it is a warm blamket,a hug, or a reassuring smile. I have found that no matter what it is, if I do it with love it can’t be wrong. That last part is a must however, if I serve but it is not coming from a true place of love and compassion then it can come out wrong. I intend to be mindful of my efforts and ensure that love and caring is behind all of my doing.

Lydia’s Post #1

Hi I’m Lydia. Some of my favorite blogs are Brooklyn and Baily because it is very funny and entertaining to watch and great for kids. I also like Jacey and Kacey what they do is lots of challenges like the chubby bunny challenge also the crazy cake challenge. My favorite vlog channel is ShayTards they are a great family and my last favorite channel is Brataly and those are my favorite vlogs. That’s all from me for now.


Ode to a s’more… How delicious, nothing better than chocolate, roasted marshmallow and graham cracker. I think the s’more marks the start and the end of summer. I am watching the Charlie Brown movie with my kids for family movie night to be followed up with some s’mores. When I was at the beach with the girls I realized how important it was to really do s’more nights in the backyard more often during the summer. It is an opportunity to make fun memories with my kids and to have silly conversations that usually happen around a fire camping but could happen more often around our pit at home. It occurred to me after seeing how much fun they had camping for the first time this year and how it fosters more outside bonding time. We also went to my daughters school and ate lunch with her for their end of the year family picnic lunch. It is bitter sweet to know that my little guys will start kindergarten this fall. Our kids are growing up faster then we can imagine and I’m sure I will regret not spending more s’more time with them later if we don’t take advantage of this fun family practice. We love being outside with our kids and will probably do so until they are grown and have their own kids. I can only HOPE that they appreciate and set the same example for their families. I love my kids and will continue to try to love them s’more over s’mores. Thank you www.yourtruenature.com for this inspiring advice from a campfire.


I am feeling ponderous today about my continued struggle with forgiveness. I feel that in the recent past I had to endure some things that were unwarranted and unnecessary. I have since forgiven the people involved yet keep coming back to the same heated emotions when I think about how I feel toward that event. I guess I am not sure if the feelings are surfacing in reaction to thinking of the event and feeling wronged or toward the people and my struggle with trusting them again. Maybe it is both. I think that it makes sense to ask a question that Eckhart Tolle asked in his book, A New Earth, “What is my relationship to the present moment?” I guess it is non-existent if I am stuck dwelling on the past and still harboring negative emotions and thoughts about this. I have let it go but my ego refuses. I think it is difficult when it still holds relevance to my current activities with people I see often. I need to continually remind myself to think about my relationship with now. If I can stay present it is much more likely I will dwell in the past. I think understanding that my relationship to the event is over and in the past is something I need to work on letting go. I am trying to have a relationship with now not the past or future. I HOPE that I can continue to hone my now skills and stop worrying or attaching to things that no longer need my attention. I feel at this point I may just have pondered my way through that lesson. I have redirected my relationship to now and will not waste another word,thought or feeling on this.


I am soo incredibly frustrated with our dog Max. I realize in his little doggie mind he is not thinking, “what can I do to piss her off?” I feel like he is really extra rambunctious today and it did not help that he has been barking most of the day because of the lady getting her tree trimmed and mulched next door. He has just decided due to my angry tone it must be time to relax and take a nap on my legs. What a little turd. I am looking forward to a great evening at work and better sleep tonight without doggie wake up drills. I miss the beach and just being at peace in nature. “Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. This quote helps me to describe the feeling that engulfs me as I am closer to and in nature. I feel that we also become part of the whole for just a short time and can then understand if briefly the vastness of the earth and all of natures miracles. This little pondering makes my frustration with the dog seem so trivial and insignificant. As it should. I HOPE that my day progresses like a flower opening in a meadow. Open to all the sunlight and good and indifferent to anything else around it.


What an amazing trip to the sea with two wonderful friends. We camped at Kalaloch in the Hoh rain forest. It was great sunny weather with one overcast day. We were having too much fun for any rain to ruin our parade. We were also convinced that since we planned for the rain we did not see any. I realized how much I miss great radio from the west side of the state. The beauty all around us on our trip made it difficult to leave as did the Sea air, and constant sound of the surf. I wish I could share some pictures off of my phone but can not seem to find the right chord. I feel renewed from that trip and grateful to come back to my sweet family. I learned to slow down a little more and relax even in the midst of our chaotic lives. I learned to HOPE for blue skies and fresh air. With that kind of hope I am never disappointed. I have incorporated the quote, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”, at work to introduce the kids to the idea of going with the flow. It is so easy to get caught up in how we want to control the situations and outcomes in life. Sometimes we can’t and then it is up to us to learn how to surf, sink or swim to deal with the waves of life that keep on comin’. They will keep on coming whether we want them to or not. Oh and in the case of sinking keep your eyes open for that life raft from God, you may miss it if you aren’t watching.


I had the pleasure of going on a walk with my twins and my friend Heidi and her little guy this morning. We saw some fluffy baby ducklings and goslings waddling across the path and swimming in the river. What a sweet sight to see as we walked along with our own little ducklings. It never ceases to amaze me how great it feels to be active and get outside. My 5 year old twin boy’s may argue this point around mile two on their bikes but still soldier on. Sometimes I think that if everyone in the world could get outside for a few minutes to become aware of all the beauty around us we would all be better to each other. “Give yourself a gift of five minutes of contemplation in awe of everything you see around you. Go outside and turn your attention to the many miracles around you. This five-minute-a-day regimen of appreciation and gratitude will help you to focus your life in awe.” Wayne Dyer
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/outside.html
If only people could see baby ducklings every day and or other small miracles, I believe this world would be a better place. I HOPE that my efforts to get outside briefly each day inspires others to do the same, because even a small healthy persuasion is something to celebrate, a small miracle itself.


The fragrance of the Jasmine vine I planted outside our bedroom is so fragrant and wonderful. I have smelled this fragrance before on walks around the neighborhood or in parks. I am excited for it to grow quickly so that even more of it’s amazing smelling blossoms can permeate the air. It’s a bonus that it covers up the smell of the chicken coop. I got angry last night a few times and let my emotions and thoughts do my talking and acting. I am grateful for the increased awareness but realize it will surely take time and practice to be more fully aware. As our dog Max lays in the grass chewing on a stick I can’t help but be slightly envious of the natural awareness animals have. They live in the moment as does nature without distracting thoughts about the future or what happened in the past. What a glorious freedom from human thinking. This weekend I am joining a friend on her birthday trip to the beach. We have been looking forward to this time of rest and relaxation in nature. I HOPE that our expectations for this trip do not lead to disappointment. I really want my friend to enjoy herself. I am aware that if I build things ups in my own mind I run the risk of disappointment or if I worry about that too much I run the risk of making undue stress for myself. So complicated compared to Max’s thinking and my simple enjoyment of the smell of jasmine. So for now I will not let myself worry about this and I will enjoy the moment for all it’s splendor. What will be will be.