I continue to learn more about life through raising our puppy Max. He is a heeler with such a sweet little spirit but he is a dog and as I have learned through reading Cesar Millan’s books, dog’s are dog first, breed second and pet last. Animals tend to react and act upon energy. It is the this energy work I have had to learn about and practice that has challenged me greatly. We happened to take our boys to see The Jungle Book this weekend and it reinforced this understanding by the energy in the story itself along with hearing the reciting of the wolves code, “the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”, which speaks to the power of unity. We coexist on this planet and our thoughts and lives can become soo chaotic, so quickly. We can work on looking to our own inner calm energy to help us through anything. God is the peace that dwells inside me personally and when I can glimpse that peace inside myself from time to time I am reassured of his promises. I feel that my challenge to be a calm, assertive, dominant pack leader for Max has propelled me to the place I am now in my self awareness and continues to help me grow. I am more content in my life and do not dwell so much in the small stuff that used to become so monsterous in my mind. In fact, just learning that dogs/animals in nature live in the moment has inspired me to try harder to do the same. All of this, from our furry gift, in a package named Max. It is true everything they say about how much animals can touch our lives. We put our family dog Niko down in December just before Christmas. She was 15 years old and touched our lives tremendously and continues to even in death. She will never be replaced in our hearts but Max has sure filled the doggie void in our lives on earth. I believe he was probably paw picked by our Niko angel. I HOPE we will have at least another 15 years if not more with Max and continue to learn from him every day. He is paw-sitively a little treasure.