We went camping for mothers day weekend and it was wonderful. We were only out for a couple of nights but smelling the fresh mountain air and watching the river meander by was a peaceful retreat for the senses. I love that camping is something that our kids get as excited as we do about. Despite all of their electronics and screen time they are still exited to get back out into the wild with their parents and recharge the natural way. There is something special about our trips to the wilderness. They bring us all closer to nature while also bringing us closer together as a family. Maybe it is because our only distractions are natural and unexpected. The beautiful scenery, the smell of the woods, bonfire and buzzing all around. We are extra lucky this year being able to camp so early in the season. We were trying to remember a time that we have camped this early and the earliest we could remember taking the kids was fathers day and we were all still bundled up throughout most of the trip. This year, it already feels like summer weather in May. A great man once described the power the wilderness has over us by saying,”The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.” John Muir. Just like the Lorax, John Muir spoke for the trees and the rest of the wild places he worked to protect. He is responsible along with many others in preserving the very wildernesses we still visit to recharge today. I am grateful for his investment in preserving our wild spaces. I HOPE more humans will carry on that investment in the years to come. I know that our kids will because of their connection to the outdoors and how many memories we continue to make together in them. The idea of leaving nature better than how you found it should be something we all strive for. This idea can be applied to more than just wild places, urban spaces and even internal spaces could benefitfrom us trying to leave them better than we find them. I will work to do my part to help improve rather than destroy our wild spaces. Camping will be our family tradition until can’t do it anymore.