Patience, what a simple little word that requires so much tenacity. We are working on our basement and it is taking lots of time and patience to get it all done. We are trying to finish what will be our master bedroom and then can start to spread out into that space and start to work on the next room. It will also be nice not to be living in the renovation zone anymore. I am grateful that we are making progress but my patience continues to wear. Patience has been something I have been working on getting better at my entire life and will continue to for the rest of my life. It seems that everything in life worth waiting for requires it and even demands it so that we appreciate it even more. I HOPE that our home projects will continue to move along smoothly and that we can get our room moved into before our in-laws come in June. We are really trying to utilize every square inch of our tiny bungalow and intend to maximize space and minimize clutter until we are all feeling more comfortable. We like the idea of a couple more rooms for the kids to get away from each other and even for us to have some time away in. I know the plans will unfold and it will be more than I could have dreamed. I will try to keep working on being patient and open minded until then.