Mindful times

James Thurber once said, “Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear but around in awareness.”. This thought was with me today in the midst of so much unawareness in others. The irony is the unawareness is their awareness. It can be a place where people spend a good portion or all their lives. In that state ignorance can be bliss or misery. I choose bliss and awareness or mindfulness. Mindfulness of what I say, what I listen to from others and from myself. I think people forget that everyone has thoughts and emotions and sometimes these internal thoughts can be very negative even damaging. When we allow ourselves to be led by the external and even the continuous script-like internal we are lost in translation. We are only aware when we see things as they are in the moment not how we feel, think or label them. I have occasionally practiced this at work. I have thrown an object like a marker or a book into the middle of the room, at times to the surprise of the kids, and ask them what it is? Most often someone will say, a book or a marker but then several others will begin to label the object, “a little kid book”, “my favorite colored marker”. This usually spurs some debate over others perspectives and then we begin to talk about describing the object using just the facts verses our opinions. It is an exercise in awareness and mindfulness. How I observe an object could be very different from how someone else does but a marker is a marker, or is it. A physicist may say it is just particles of matter playing a trick on our eyes. I believe that all versions are true and that everyone is experiencing the object with their own awareness. I HOPE that staying in the moment is something that more people can become aware of. It can take the stress out of life so that we can enjoy things a little more. It saves all of that time we would spend on the worry and directs it toward our awareness in the present. What a great way to improve your life and the lives of those around you so simply. I am still working on keeping it simple and being aware. These are tough times yet can be improved by being mindful times.