mudding and taping

So, we spent a good part of yesterday taping and mudding our master bedroom. It has been a long road and we are getting close to the fun part of moving in and having more space. In this process it took a considerable amount of effort on my part to not be frustrated and bitter the entire taping and mudding process. I was thinking how could I relate the exercise to life? We put the on tape to hold ourselves together and try and cover up any unevenness in ourselves or our lives. We then cover that tape with mud. In some cases that could be a new car, flashy clothing, a bigger house, job or something else that we feel will make us or our situation more appealing and even. The final process is putting on your primer and paint. Now in the case of the primer I think this could be our openness or willingness toward change. I think the paint color represents how we see ourselves. Maybe we feel we are a hot pink or light blue. In, The Not So Big Life, by Sarah Susanka she speaks to the way our lives can become overwhelming and relates it to the lay out of a house. She is an architect after all and has spent time talking to people about how they want to lay out their own homes. It was interesting to me to look at my life in this unique new way. Her philosophy is less is more as it is for so many people these days. The more clutter and distractions we bring into our lives much of the time is there only to limit us from knowing ourselves better. From knowing the internal peace of God better. This can just perpetuate more chaos and distance from who we really are or want to be. The basement room was a challenge but also led to some discoveries about how I can be more aware by simply appreciating my tiny house and my not so big life. “In the same way that music inspires us to certain feelings, space can do the same thing.”-Sarah Susanka