The fragrance of the Jasmine vine I planted outside our bedroom is so fragrant and wonderful. I have smelled this fragrance before on walks around the neighborhood or in parks. I am excited for it to grow quickly so that even more of it’s amazing smelling blossoms can permeate the air. It’s a bonus that it covers up the smell of the chicken coop. I got angry last night a few times and let my emotions and thoughts do my talking and acting. I am grateful for the increased awareness but realize it will surely take time and practice to be more fully aware. As our dog Max lays in the grass chewing on a stick I can’t help but be slightly envious of the natural awareness animals have. They live in the moment as does nature without distracting thoughts about the future or what happened in the past. What a glorious freedom from human thinking. This weekend I am joining a friend on her birthday trip to the beach. We have been looking forward to this time of rest and relaxation in nature. I HOPE that our expectations for this trip do not lead to disappointment. I really want my friend to enjoy herself. I am aware that if I build things ups in my own mind I run the risk of disappointment or if I worry about that too much I run the risk of making undue stress for myself. So complicated compared to Max’s thinking and my simple enjoyment of the smell of jasmine. So for now I will not let myself worry about this and I will enjoy the moment for all it’s splendor. What will be will be.

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