What an amazing trip to the sea with two wonderful friends. We camped at Kalaloch in the Hoh rain forest. It was great sunny weather with one overcast day. We were having too much fun for any rain to ruin our parade. We were also convinced that since we planned for the rain we did not see any. I realized how much I miss great radio from the west side of the state. The beauty all around us on our trip made it difficult to leave as did the Sea air, and constant sound of the surf. I wish I could share some pictures off of my phone but can not seem to find the right chord. I feel renewed from that trip and grateful to come back to my sweet family. I learned to slow down a little more and relax even in the midst of our chaotic lives. I learned to HOPE for blue skies and fresh air. With that kind of hope I am never disappointed. I have incorporated the quote, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”, at work to introduce the kids to the idea of going with the flow. It is so easy to get caught up in how we want to control the situations and outcomes in life. Sometimes we can’t and then it is up to us to learn how to surf, sink or swim to deal with the waves of life that keep on comin’. They will keep on coming whether we want them to or not. Oh and in the case of sinking keep your eyes open for that life raft from God, you may miss it if you aren’t watching.