Ode to a s’more… How delicious, nothing better than chocolate, roasted marshmallow and graham cracker. I think the s’more marks the start and the end of summer. I am watching the Charlie Brown movie with my kids for family movie night to be followed up with some s’mores. When I was at the beach with the girls I realized how important it was to really do s’more nights in the backyard more often during the summer. It is an opportunity to make fun memories with my kids and to have silly conversations that usually happen around a fire camping but could happen more often around our pit at home. It occurred to me after seeing how much fun they had camping for the first time this year and how it fosters more outside bonding time. We also went to my daughters school and ate lunch with her for their end of the year family picnic lunch. It is bitter sweet to know that my little guys will start kindergarten this fall. Our kids are growing up faster then we can imagine and I’m sure I will regret not spending more s’more time with them later if we don’t take advantage of this fun family practice. We love being outside with our kids and will probably do so until they are grown and have their own kids. I can only HOPE that they appreciate and set the same example for their families. I love my kids and will continue to try to love them s’more over s’mores. Thank you www.yourtruenature.com for this inspiring advice from a campfire.

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