“It’s not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.”- Mother Teresa. What a sweet sentiment. I HOPE that my children can come to understand this concept in their lives. My husband and I serve adolescents, him as a teacher and me as a counselor. I also have the wonderful priviledge of working with adults and little kids from 5-12 years. We love what we do although it is not always easy and often is very challenging. I’ve learned in my nearly 15 years of service that sometimes just an active listening ear is all that people need to feel heard and comforted. Sometimes it is a warm blamket,a hug, or a reassuring smile. I have found that no matter what it is, if I do it with love it can’t be wrong. That last part is a must however, if I serve but it is not coming from a true place of love and compassion then it can come out wrong. I intend to be mindful of my efforts and ensure that love and caring is behind all of my doing.

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