Under Construction

We are officially a few days away from painting our bedroom. We have been sanding and re-mudding the last couple days. We are HOPING to finish the floors this upcoming weekend so that we can finally move into our new bedroom next week. Wow, with little time to spare. My in-laws are coming in a couple weeks so we might be in right before they arrive. It will be nice to be done with this room. It has been a work in progress for a very long time and we have had a couple basement rooms full of storage while under construction. I feel like we are always under construction in our lives, in our homes, our jobs or any roles we play. The idea that we are all a work in progress helps me to appreciate all the hard work we are putting into the basement room. It also helps me to appreciate how far I have progressed in my own life while being constructed. I think we will appreciate our new room that much more because of how hard we are working on it. I am exhausted and excited for picking a paint color. I will continue to live this amazing life under construction as a marvelous messy work in progress.