What is violence? According to the oxford dictionary, behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. Isn’t that the same thing many people watch on tv, movies, internet for enjoyment in our culture? If you are someone who has never watched a violent thing then this does not apply to you but I am willing to bet that most people have watched something with violence in it, without turning it off or changing the station. When we as a culture accept and ask for more violence to watch in the form of tv, video, video games, etc, it should not surprise us when people act out the same roles in everyday life. Many of us poses the cognitive skills to weigh right from wrong but a good amount of people being born with in-utero exposure to drugs, who have experienced head traumas or who abuse drugs are not as capable of determining right from wrong. I do not believe this is the reason why so many violent acts continue to happen but it certainly is a contributing factor. We want people to treat each other with love and respect yet we live in a culture that glorifies violence. I believe as a culture we began to lose our sense of national security around the time of 911. Since that time we have continued experience traumatic acts of violence on US soil. Unfortunately many of the most recent attacks come from our own citizens acting against one another. These events are leaving people feeling unsafe and like we can not count on one another to tackle problems in a non-violent and humane manner. We have historically lived together, worked together and come through huge trauma together. At this point in history turning against others within our own country only breeds more violence and insecurity amongst us. We have developed through many struggles and acts of violence in our history and I HOPE for my children’s sake we will come through this time more united and supportive of one another. Everyone needs to feel safe, according to Maslow it is one of our most basic needs. Without that it can thwart all our other actions.