Tiny house

I would love to build a tiny house to put on a lake somewhere. We love to tent camp with the kids and our tent is close to the same size as a tiny cabin would be. I could not imagine staying in a tiny home for more than a week with all five of us but it seems like a great idea that could give us the dream vacation home we could afford, somewhere beautiful. Sounds like a dream especially considering the amount of work we still have to do on our own tiny home to utilize all of our available square footage. Dreams are great! “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt. If we did not have children I could absolutely see us living in a tiny home. We only have a little over 1300 square feet in our current home which may seem like a mcmansion to some but with 3 young children it can seem like the walls are closing in at times. I am grateful we have a home of our own and plan to continue to HOPE and dream for the future. As long as we have each other home could really be anywhere. I sure love them!