Sleep, Glorious Sleep!

I have been working a whole lot and in the past couple days started to understand what it means to feel overdone and exhausted. I know that I must be using every last ounce of energy because I have fallen asleep very quickly and slept very soundly. I would like to say that sleep is the best medicine ever. I am convinced that it does more for me more for people then most medication. It can be difficult to get to sleep and for that people will pay for medication. I tend to utilize a little benadryl if I ever have insomnia. It helps get me back into a good sleep cycle. Without sleep people can get psychotic and hallucinate, become irritable and irrational and any number of other things. “The best bridge between despair and HOPE is a good night’s sleep” -E. Joseph Cossman. It is not only amazing to feel what a good night’s sleep can do it is also awesome to see how someone can turn into another person with good sleep. Having seen it first hand for years in the psychiatric units it is one of those little miracles I feel blessed to witness from time to time. Sleep is so great they intentionally put people into coma’s or sleep like states to help them heal themselves more quickly. What an awesome gift. I HOPE that anyone out there who suffers from lack of sleep can find a way to get good sleep. It has the power to change your life. I also hope that it aids me in my weight loss. According to an Irish proverb, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything”.