Revved Up!

I am on my way to great places in life it is true. I have an abundance of experience I do. Though in my thoughts I have been in the waiting place for some time. I am ready to leap, this mountain I will climb. I am dexterous and deft and have shoes on my feet. I look forward to all the new challenges I’ll meet. Dr. Seuss inspires me day after day to look to a bright future and leave behind all the grey. He was a man of great skills in describing life’s lessons, a master of creative literary expressions. I am revved up for this feat through the cold and the heat. I will stay strong on my journey without missing a beat. I will trust in myself and believe in my heart that the best way to begin is apply and just start. If it is direction you lack any old path will do but on this trip I know just the right way to get through. I have brains in my head and a God that is great He is guiding and inspiring every turn that I take. I am revved up to start on to far off great places of education and growth and friendly new faces. I have HOPE for the future and my journey’s begun, this race I’ve been running with myself I’ve already won!